Thursday, December 18, 2014


Welcome to Damon's World of Retro Technology! This blog will be mostly focused on old and obsolete equipment and computer hardware and software. Of particular interest to me are old video equipment, such as video formats and broadcast standards, and old home computers and PC stuff. You'll be seeing YouTube videos from some of the people I subscribe to, such as Brandon Bishop (BBISHOPPCM), Clint Basinger of Lazy Game Reviews (he doesn't just do vintage games, but occasionally does hardware as well), and Ben Minnotte and the Oddity Archive.

I have another blog called "TV News Coverage You Can Count On." I also have a YouTube channel, a Google+ page, a Facebook page, and a presence at both the Museum of Classic Chicago Television (as "IAmNomad") and (as "iamnomad").

Stay tuned for more! (Of course!)